Rockland’s Environment: Sources for News

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Given that our mainstream media does such a miserable job of covering environmental issues, it’s really a no-brainer that we must actively search for news, particularly on local matters. To help with this, I’ve compiled a list of resources that I turn to on a more or less regular basis.

This is just my own list of resources, and I’m sure I’m missing some very worthwhile ones; so if you feel there are additions I should make, let me know.

—Chris Johnson

New York State DEC

DEC Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB)

The Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB) is an official publication of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. It lists permit applications, hearings, judgements, and boring but sometimes critical stuff that can slip through quietly. If someone wants a permit to build on a wetland, increase effluent, or a hearing has been scheduled on some local activity, you’ll see it here first. While this may sound like a chore to check, it’s actually low energy; if you sign up through “DEC Delivers” to receive ENB notices, you’ll simply get a weekly one-sentence email every Wednesday saying the latest ENB has been posted, along with a link to it. It’s easy to spend a few minutes once a week to browse through; if nothing’s going on of importance, carry on with your day. (Or, if someone has applied for a permit to run an oil pipeline through Ramapo, feel free to freak!) Most of the time it’s not exciting or entertaining, but every now and then you’ll spot something happening in your back yard that will grab your attention.

I recommend first visiting the ‘How to Use the ENB’ page, so you can find the important stuff without too much trial and error.

Email Notices through DEC Delivers

Sign up to receive news and information from the DEC on a variety of environmental and recreational topics.


DeSmog Blog
One of the best sites for climate change news, and for following the anti-change crowd.

Food & Water Watch


350NJ-Bergen (facebook)

Rockland Sierra Club

Rockland Water Coalition

Delaware Riverkeeper

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

New York Public Interest Research Group

New York Public Interest Research Group / Issues

Enformable (Nuclear Energy News and Information)

NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council


DigitalDemocracy While this is not an “environmental” site, it’s a great place to find out which NYS politicians are friends or enemies of the environment.

Toxics Targeting Database on Environmental Hazards in NY for Property Owners, Buyers, and Sellers.
“Use Toxics Targeting’s Free Map to search any neighborhood for more than 650,000 abandoned landfills, toxic dumps, leaking tanks and other government-reported contamination threats in the Empire State.”

What’s In My Water? NYPIRG’s New York State Drinking Water Profiles Project, 2017