Rockland Citizens Action Network

We are a group of progressive activists,  in no small measure inspired by the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign, who have come together to be a part of the change that our country so desperately needs. In the near-term, a main focus of ours will be connecting with other groups and individuals who share our values and enthusiasm, and building the mutual support system that progressives will need if we’re going to be successful.  With this in mind, our group (formerly the Rockland Bern) has joined as a chapter of NYPAN, the New York Progressive Action Network, who’s mission is exactly that, building out a network of support and coordinated action throughout the state of New York.


Our leadership consists of nine steering committee members, democratically elected annually by our membership. Officers, elected by the steering committee include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Communications Officer. The term for steering committee imembers is one calendar year.

As a founding chapter of NYPAN, Rockland Citizens Action Network has two representatives serving on NYPAN’s Board of Directors.

Vision Statement (PDF)