March Meeting: Thursday, March 21st, NANUET LIBRARY, 6:45-8:45 pm

Understanding Government for Advocacy & Campaigns

Join us for a special one-hour workshop on how government works, and grassroots tools for enacting government accountability – federal and state funding; lobbyists; opposition research, regulatory appeals, and more.

Action groups and more to be announced.





Health Care for ALL Reaches Out

At the Feb. 10th People’s Info Forum “Health Care for ALL”,  Rockland CAN members – a physician, small business owner, a grandmother, and a young woman with chronic health condition – shared their personal reasons for supporting universal, singe-payer health.  Special Guest, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, lead sponsor of the NY Health Act, explained how under the NYHA there would be more access, expanded coverage, and improved care at less cost than now,  and he answered  every audience question with aplomb.

The opposition was explored with a video from the Business Initiative for Health Policy [find & watch their excellent videos below].  Actions everyone can take to find out more and spread the word to fellow NYers, legislators, and the governor can be found at the Campaign for New York Health:

Watch Our Documentaries


The CPV fracked gas power plant was built on corruption, will add significantly to NY’s greenhouse gas emissions, and is poisoning local residents.   How can we ever have a meaningful transition to renewable energy in NY if we let projects like this go forward?

Join us for an hour at the protest in support of our Orange County neighbors who have been battling this horrendous project for years now. The more people the merrier, so please reach out to friends and family, too.
The target address is 3360 U.S 6, Middletown, NY.  The time is from 11 am to noon, only one hour, and it is RAIN OR SHINE.  Dress very warmly — an hour seems very long if you’re cold.

– Jordan Dale

Green New Deal

In the 1930’s, President Roosevelt delivered a “New Deal” for America to halt the Great Depression. Today, America needs a “Green New Deal” to halt Global Warming. Rockland Citizens Action Network is calling on YOU to contact our Congressperson to actively and unequivocally support the Green New Deal.

Join Rockland Citizens Action Network in respectfully requesting that our Congressperson, Hon. Nita Lowey, use the full power of her office to vigorously support and enact legislation that implements a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan (commonly referred to as the “Plan for a Green New Deal”) for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality.

Add your name to the RCAN Petition for a Green New Deal

Rockland CAN People’s Forum: HEALTH CARE FOR ALL

How WE Make Universal, Single-payer Health for NY

a REALITY in 2019

Not sure what single-payer means? Hearing predictions of doom? GET THE FACTS.


2:00-4:00 pm


149 Church Street, Nanuet, NY

Did you know the New York Health Act has passed in the NYS Assembly the last 4 years?

Hear from an expert panel featuring Richard Gottfried, Chair, Assembly Health Committee and dedicated LEAD SPONSOR of the NYHA.

Now that we, the grassroots, elected a NYS Senate with a majority of co-sponsors and those who ran on supporting the bill, WE can make it pass BOTH houses.  

Come learn how it works: the improved care and access to care, the savings, the economic boons. Ask questions. Discuss the next steps in advocating. Learn how YOU can help.

Meantime, find more at: 

Watch this video by the Business Initiative for Health Policy:




January Meeting Agenda: Thursday, Jan. 17th, West Nyack Library, 6:45-8:45 pm

We open with news of the commutation of sentence for Rafael de Jesus.
At 7pm, we’ll hear from the District Attorney candidates, Patricia Gunning and Victor Alfieri. They’ll each make remarks and take questions from the audience. The role of D.A. is obviously a critical one from the perspective of criminal justice reform. Bring your questions.
At 7:40, special guest County Legislator Deputy Chair Nancy Low-Hogan will provide a Civics 101 on Rockland County Legislature 2019 elections and districts, inform us about the Legislature’s priorities for 2019, and lead discussion on what impact the Legislature has in our community.
Action Groups Education; Environment; NY Health Act; Political Engagement; Social Justice meet, report on actions and plans.

All Welcome.

Happy 2019! Upcoming Events

After a powerful start on January 3rd in the Indivisible Day of Action rally for Congresswoman Lowey in New City, Rockland CAN is excited to share the following actions:

Rockland CAN Meeting:
Thursday, January 17th, 6:45 – 8:45 pm
West Nyack Library
65 Strawtown Rd, West Nyack

With the newly elected Democratic majority in the NY State Senate, there’s a great deal of energy in Albany right now, so now we need to get specific with our elected representatives.

“Let NY Vote” Voting Reform Mobilization Day – Historic Vote Scheduled!
Monday, Jan. 14, 11 am
To RSVP, details and travel info:
Continue the fight for voting rights.

The NY People’s Platform First 100 Days
Tuesday, January 15th, 10 am – 4 pm
Our statewide coalition that formed to eradicate the IDC continues to show the people’s strength to the legislature and governor. Contact Gina if you think you can attend: 845-359-1713
Facebook event details:


Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
Monday, January 21, 3:00- 7:00 pm
Ramapo High School
Spring Valley
Our NY Health Act action group will be collecting health stories and educating on progressive legislation. Join us at our table.