2019 Year-end Celebration – Thursday, Dec.19th

Join us to celebrate another year of education, activism, and advocacy for a healthy community, democracy, and planet.

Thursday, December19th

6:45-8:45 pm

West Nyack Library

Music, refreshments and good cheer!



All welcome.





Nov. 21 Picket in Albany for NYHealth Act – We Were There

Scores of people picketed the “NY Health Plans Assn.” industry group meeting in Albany on Nov. 21st, including several unions. Although refused entry to the meeting, we were seen and heard by the industry attendees – and the police detail brought in to keep us back. Watch this video of the Desnoyers family whose son was denied coverage for life-saving medication when he paid a $20 premium a few days late. We must keep pushing.

Nov 17, 2019

Election Follow-up and More

Thursday, November 21st

West Nyack Library

6:45-8:45 pm 
JOIN US for:

Election Results 2019 – Participate in spirited, collegial discourse with thoughtful and insightful review and analysis of local election results with other progressives. Join us Nov. 21st.

Election Integrity –  Elections must be secure, transparent and verifiable. NYS is about to finalize voting procedure/machinery. Are we sure our votes are secure? Get the timely facts from Julie Weiner, guest speaker from Citizens for Voting Integrity New York which has been working since 2006 to ensure that every vote is counted as cast.

Climate Strike –  We must be part of the global action. Help support and carry out a strong, effective strike in Rockland led by youth in Extinction Rebellion, plus Rockland Climate Alliance, and 350 NJ/Rockland. The strike is set for Friday, December 6th – mark your calendar for action.


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Plus announcements, actions, and 2020 preview. See you Thursday.

August and September Meetings

Our August potluck dinner and meeting centered on The Mueller Report, with engaging analysis and discussion led by Jake Jacobs, and a delicious buffet repast on a rainy night. Thanks to our VP Susanne Kernan for hosting this delightful evening.

September’s meeting at West Nyack Library focused on voting reforms, with an in-depth exploration of election methods, especially ranked choice voting as a better way to derive satisfactorily representative results, ably presented by Jamie Ross; and a look at the history and current system of fusion voting in the US and NYS, with guests Nicole Doliner, Clarkstown rep to NYSDC, and George Albro, Co-Exec Dir of NYPAN , our umbrella organization.


Rockland CAN June Meeting – NYS Session Review & Gerrymandering Rockland

The 2019 state legislative session finishes on June 19th,  and there is still time to make calls, send emails, lobby, and finish the NYS session with energy and strength on issues including the NY Health Act, HALT Solitary Confinement, Climate and Community Protection Act. Then, join us the following day for:

Rockland CAN June Meeting
Thursday, June 20th,
West Nyack Library

7:00 pm- 8:45 pm

NYS Leg. Session Review – with special guest, Mike Grubiak, Regional Political Organizer for the New York State United Teachers, who will lead analysis and discussion on this session’s accomplishments, setbacks, outlook , and actions for the months ahead.

Civics 101: Gerrymandered Rockland, Past, Present, and Future – featuring a presentation by member Steve White on the ins and outs of the redistricting process, and how gerrymandering can curtail representation and justice.


June 25th Democratic Primary Election
The new unified state and local primaries will take place.

CLICK HERE to see ALL of Rockland’s primary contests.

Who’s Getting Schooled? Who Isn’t? Find Out Thursday!

April Meeting:
POLITICAL FORCES are at play affecting children, education, life in Rockland County, and the entire state. Don’t miss this eye-opening examination of the facts:

Who’s Getting Schooled?
And Who Isn’t?

Special Guests: YAFFED, featuring Naftuli Moster, Executive Director of Young Advocates for Fair EDucation and other yeshiva-educated members whose brilliant work fighting for fair and equitable education in religious schools has had a major impact on academic standards legislation and enforcement statewide. Hear firsthand from those denied an education, and get the latest on YAFFED’s quest to ensure that all students receive critical tools and skill sets needed for long-term personal growth and self-sufficient futures.

Special Guests: Eric Goodwin and Ashley Leveillecandidates for school board in the East Ramapo School District, will describe the latest on public education there, local forces at work, and what people are doing to fight for educational rights.

Thursday, April 18th, 6:45-8:45 pm
Finkelstein Library
Spring Valley

Green New Deal

In the 1930’s, President Roosevelt delivered a “New Deal” for America to halt the Great Depression. Today, America needs a “Green New Deal” to halt Global Warming. Rockland Citizens Action Network is calling on YOU to contact our Congressperson to actively and unequivocally support the Green New Deal.

Join Rockland Citizens Action Network in respectfully requesting that our Congressperson, Hon. Nita Lowey, use the full power of her office to vigorously support and enact legislation that implements a detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan (commonly referred to as the “Plan for a Green New Deal”) for the transition of the United States economy to become greenhouse gas emissions neutral and to significantly draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and oceans and to promote economic and environmental justice and equality.

Add your name to the RCAN Petition for a Green New Deal