Nov 17, 2019

Election Follow-up and More

Thursday, November 21st

West Nyack Library

6:45-8:45 pm 
JOIN US for:

Election Results 2019 – Participate in spirited, collegial discourse with thoughtful and insightful review and analysis of local election results with other progressives. Join us Nov. 21st.

Election Integrity –  Elections must be secure, transparent and verifiable. NYS is about to finalize voting procedure/machinery. Are we sure our votes are secure? Get the timely facts from Julie Weiner, guest speaker from Citizens for Voting Integrity New York which has been working since 2006 to ensure that every vote is counted as cast.

Climate Strike –  We must be part of the global action. Help support and carry out a strong, effective strike in Rockland led by youth in Extinction Rebellion, plus Rockland Climate Alliance, and 350 NJ/Rockland. The strike is set for Friday, December 6th – mark your calendar for action.


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Plus announcements, actions, and 2020 preview. See you Thursday.