Indivisible Guide: A Must-Read for Progressives

Whether you’re new to being politically active and are not quite sure about how to be effective, or you’re an old hand looking to improve your game, then the handbook “Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda” is an excellent new resource. This 26 page document can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF; or if you’d prefer, there’s an audio book / podcast available as well.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction page posted on the website, to give you a sense of what it’s about–

We: Are former progressive congressional staffers who saw the Tea Party beat back President Obama’s agenda.
We: See the enthusiasm to fight the Trump agenda, and want to share insider info on how best to influence Congress to do that.
You: Want to do your part to beat back the Trump agenda and understand that will require more than calls and petitions.
You: Should use this guide, share it, amend it, make it your own, and get to work.

If you’re serious about engaging in politics and opposing the Trump administration, then you’re likely to find the Indivisible Guide very helpful.

For Rocklanders: Keeping Tabs on Your Representatives

Here’s a list of basic contact information for our members of Congress, from the official website Following below are a few helpful suggestions for monitoring their activities and performance.

NY Congressional District 17 Rep. Nita Lowey
Phone    202-225-6506
Twitter    @NitaLowey
Party Affiliation    Democrat
GovTrack Record

U.S. Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillibrand
Phone    202-224-4451
Twitter    @SenGillibrand
Party Affiliation    Democrat
GovTrack Record

U.S. Senator (NY) Charles Schumer
Phone    202-224-6542
Twitter    @SenSchumer
Party Affiliation    Democrat
GovTrack Record

Monitor Your Representatives

Sign up on your MoCs’ websites to receive regular email updates, invites to local events, and propaganda to understand what they’re saying. Every MoC has an e-newsletter.

Find out where your MoCs stand on the issues of the day — appointment of white supremacists, tax cuts for the rich, etc. Review their voting history at Research their biggest campaign contributors at

Set up a Google News Alert ( — for example for “Rep. Bob Smith” — to receive an email whenever your MoCs are in the news.

Research on Google News ( what local reporters have written about your MoCs. Find and follow them on Twitter, and build relationships. Before you attend or plan an event, reach out and explain why your group is protesting, and provide them with background materials and a quote. Journalists on deadline — even those who might not agree with you — appreciate when you provide easy material for a story